Elena Dmitrieva
RussiaDirector of the Health and Development Foundation

Elena Dmitrieva Photo Credit:Todd France Photography, 2012

Elena Dmitrieva is Director of the Health and Development Foundation, a Russian NGO instituted in 2003 by Johns Hopkins University that develops and implements health communication and health system improvement projects in Russia. Since 2007, Dr. Dmitrieva has served as the head of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health office in Russia.

Dr. Dmitrieva’s work in public health is focused on reproductive health, drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention and youth risk behaviors. She has developed pioneer programs that leverage communication campaigns to alter risky behaviors including the introduction of mobile technologies for health promotion in Russia.

She is the leader of TEXT4BABY, an innovative educational program for pregnant women and new mothers.

She has previously served as member of the Russian Federation State Duma’s task force for reproductive health, and between 2007 and 2008 was member of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use Mass Media Taskforce.

She is past president of the board of the European Network of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Brussels, and between 1995 and 2003 consulted with UNFPA, UNESCO, UNAIDS, Futures Group and other international and Russian organizations.

She has carried out a broad range of research projects in public health with a focus on reproductive health and has authored numerous academic papers and some of the first books produced in Russia on topics such as health communication and the sociology of health (2002), research for health communication campaigns (2006), and communication and counseling on HIV (2008).

Dr. Dmitrieva holds a Doctorate of Science (2004), a Candidate of Science (1996) and a Diploma of Honor (1993) in sociology from Moscow State Lomonosov’s University. In 1991, she studied as an undergraduate exchange student at the University of Maryland and in 1995 she received a scholarship from Webb Memorial Trust to work on her thesis at the University of Oxford.