Pinar Ilkkaracan
TurkeyAdjunct professor, Bosporus University

Pinar Ilkkaracan Photo Credit:Todd France Photography, 2012

Pinar Ilkkaracan is a well-known researcher, activist and trainer on gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights at national, regional and international levels. She is trained in both psychotherapy and international relations.

Ms. Ilkkaracan is the co-founder of many NGOs working at national, regional and international levels, including Women for Women’s Human Rights – NEW WAYS in Turkey, the Berlin Intervention Center against Violence against Women, and the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR), a network of more than forty leading academic and nongovernmental organizations in the Middle East, North Africa and South/Southeast Asia.

She has led and coordinated several campaigns for successful legal reforms in Turkey, including the enactment of the law on domestic violence in 1997, the reform of the Turkish Civil Code in 2001 and the reform of the Turkish Penal Code in 2005. She has also participated in many United Nations conferences and meetings since 1995, both as a member of the Turkish governmental delegation and as an activist.

Ms. Ilkkaracan is the editor of Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies (translated into Arabic and Turkish), Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East and The Myth of the Warm Home: Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. She has received the International Women’s Human Rights Award of the Gruber Foundation in 2007, and has authored many articles on gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Currently an adjunct professor at the Bosporus University in Istanbul, Ms. Ilkkaracan serves on the supervisory board of CSBR, the editorial board of the International Journal of Sexual Health, nd the International Steering Group for BRIDGE, University of Sussex. She is an advisor for the Sexuality and Development Program, at the UK Institute of Development Studies, among others.