Renate Bähr
GermanyExecutive Director, German Foundation for World Population

Renate Bähr Photo Credit:Todd France Photography, 2012

Renate Bähr has a longstanding record of successful advocacy, policy and public awareness-raising for global health and sexual and reproductive health in both Germany and Europe. In June 2008, she became the Executive Director of DSW, the German Foundation for World Population, after having served as its Vice Executive Director since 1998.

Ms. Bähr studied mathematics and political science at the University of Hanover and was awarded a teacher’s license in 1982. Following various teaching positions and trainings in communications and public relations, she began working at DSW in 1995 and quickly rose to an executive leadership position three years later.

A regular member of official delegations to relevant international United Nations conferences, Ms. Bähr participated in the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994, among others. She played the lead role in establishing DSW’s Parliamentary Advisory Committee in 2003 and regularly advises the German Parliament on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Ms. Bähr serves on the board of the Association of German Development Organizations (VENRO) and heads the working group on the Forum on Global Issues and Development of the Federal Association of German Foundations. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of GIZ (German Organization for International Co-operation, formerly GTZ), a founding member of the Foundation Initiative of Hanover and a member of the Council for Education of the German Public Relations Association.